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The Tuneful Parent Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

Did you know that when a child learns a new language, it creates new connections in their brain? And that these amazing new synaptic connections help to improve things like problem solving, multitasking and even memory.  Well, if music is the language of the soul, then teaching it and using it with our children MUST have even greater benefits, don’t you think?

My name is JoEllyn Sumner and I am a certified Prenatal, Early Childhood, and K-12 Music Educator.  I’m also a parental music coach, and I’m here to help you navigate musical play at every developmental stage from prenatal through preschool with your child at home.

In this episode, I explain the top 5 reasons why children need music!  I explain the real benefits for a child and lead you, the grown-ups, in how to incorporate musical play into your everyday lives.  If you're interested in virtual music classes, check out my First Steps in Music courses and get on the waitlist for The Tuneful Home parental music membership in the links below!